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Five MILLION gallons!

Today, let's discuss a question that I know you must be thinking about day in and day out. What is it, exactly, that talking buckets do over their summer vacations?

You might expect to see us touring the world to meet with important dignitaries and such or taking in the rides at Disney World.

Good guesses, but, no. Instead, this summer, we decided to stick with what we do best: Save lives through clean water!

And you, our dear Bucket 96 book readers, helped us fulfill that mission.

Thanks to online sales, donations from awesome Bucket 96 fans, and the selling of Bucket 96 books at Luke's LemonAID sale this summer, we raised enough to fund five bucket systems that will go to families in Haiti.

Our co-author was like, "Just five?! But there are so many families who need help! Five isn't enough!"

So, then we had to calm her down (you know how temperamental writers can be) and tell her this: Every drop of clean water matters.

Allow us for a moment to put these five systems into perspective for you like we did for her. That's five entire families who no longer have to fear that dirty water will cause disease and death in their homes. That's five families that now can filter five MILLION gallons of water using Sawyer filters that are so sturdy and easy to care for that they can last for 10 years.

So, dear readers, will you spread the word? Will you tell others to buy the book? Will you help us double, triple, quadruple or better yet bill-zil-onize our book sales so we can help many more families?

Thank you so much!

I remain, as always, your dear friend,

Bucket 96

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